Movies with Carla is a personal blog which posts revolve around Movies and cinema. It is a blog that focuses on the reviews and promotions of different movies. As stated by search wind development A blog (short for weblog) is a personal online journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Therefore my blog must appeal to the kind of audience I have constructed, in turn altering my posts in consideration of public consumption.

The central node for my blog was the most important aspect I chose Blogger as it was a good blogging platform: a simple way to demonstrate my posts and was customisable. I had to consider the aspects of online identity, from every aspect (themes, pictures etc) as it was a reflection of my personal self and needed to be uniform to the kind of image being portrayed. Being a movie orientated audience I needed to choose specifically movies and films which a critical viewer would appreciate. This meant movies which were more art house and not mainstream or blockbuster. This reflects me as I have more concern with those movies.

I chose to have also a twitter feed as well as a face book page for my blog, contributing to the uniform web presence. My twitter feed would stream all the news about my new posts. Twitter is the fastest means to inform people on the activity that is happening with the blog. It allows me to present small bursts of information, direct to people who follow or are concerned with what I post.

My other nodes were also a face book page which people can ‘like’ and also have a more personal sense of informing people to what is going on with the bog. It also incorporates aspects such as photos from upcoming reviews and links. Facebook has become such an integral part in people’s lives and therefore the best way to appeal to them is to use the same medium they are familiar with.

Another side to my blog was that I also created a tumblr page to which my ‘cinematic inspirations’ or images that inspire me could be shared with viewers. Images were the main concern for my blog as I found them to be the best way to show an influence a bit more outside the blog and a much deeper personal side to the blog.

For my blogger account I stayed with a simple theme for the blog, and wanted to maintain a light ambience. This was to enforce that it was just a personal blog and not official or to be taken as gospel. The colour theme of black and white represents the old black and white films. The background of a collective of people re enforces the cinema and film aspect. This is re enforced with the cue card tab design.

Given that this blog focuses on reviews of movie I needed to maintain quite professional language in order to maintain a sense of professionalism. As people may trust my opinion more if I seem incorporate language that is professional.

twitter: CarlaThom1
Facebook: Movies with Carla