Attraction - Final Drama

Directed by: Wibi Udayana
Starring: Angeline Dowling, Kelsey Requin, Joanna Wong, Kaitlyn Cirulis and Myself.

Studying film was definitely an insightful experience. I now appreciate how much work goes into the production of a film after working on one for my Screen class at Curtin University. I had a wonderful group full of people whom I very much love today! 

Our assignment was a short film with little dialogue. We were asked to focus on the cinematic aspects for our film.  After many trials , hours of work and fun we managed to create Attraction. It was shot in a small supermarket in Perth and on the streets of Perth. It tells the story of a girl conflicted with her inner attractions after she sees a beautiful girl on the street. 

Hope you enjoy watching it! 
(For assignment purposes we were required to add in the first few technical aspects, just skip to 0:30 for the beginning of the film.)